2301 Garden Ave Tour Request

Please use this form to request a tour for the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom House at 2301 Garden Ave Cleveland, OH 44109 which rents for $975 a month. Each adult who will live in the unit should fill this form out separately, please! Please note that our rental requirements as of July 1st 2020 are: 580+ credit score *average* of all adults in the household, Total household income of at least $40,000, No evictions in the last 5 years. No evictions "filed" in the last 3 years. No felony convictions or incarcerations in the last 7 years. No recent DUI's, or utilities shut off in the last year, If you have had a foreclosure, I can work with you a bit on this. If you are not a legal resident of the USA, I will not be able to rent to you as I cannot perform a valid background check. We also reserve the right to reject applicants who have been convicted of certain crimes, at our discretion. There is additional rent and deposit for pet dogs and this is a 1 year lease. You are welcome to apply even if you think you will not be accepted. There is no charge for this part of the application. If you pass this stage of the screening we will invite you to a tour of the property. If you are happy with the house and want to apply for the house, we will ask you to do a credit/background check through Screening Services for $38 each person. Thank you! :)


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*This rental requires minimum household gross annual pay (before taxes are withheld) of $ 40,000. Does your household documented gross pay exceed $ 3,333 an month? Yes No
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